Members and Directors of Prosper Community Theatre

On February 17, 2020, The Board of Directors of Prosper Community Theatre (PCT) met and voted unanimously to dissolve the non-profit by August 31, 2020, the end of our Membership year. This motion for dissolution came after a three-month investigation in which we uncovered that PCT had been the victim of multiple fraudulent activities. An IRS consultation resulted in the recommendation of dissolution, which the board weighed with heavy hearts and ultimately agreed.

For those of you who are active Members of PCT, we will not provide programming for the remainder of the Membership year. Members may choose to receive a pro-rated refund of their membership dues ($25 for individuals or $50 for families) or leave the funds with PCT, which we will donate to a local nonprofit with a similar mission in accordance with our bylaws. If you would like to receive a refund, please reply to this email with your request by March 20th. If I do not receive a reply by that time, the funds will be donated to another non-profits creative arts organization.

PCT’s current board members feel strongly that our growing community needs an outlet for creative arts. We were originally guided by PCT’s founder to bring his vision to life, and we were honored to participate in building a community theatre for Prosper. However, PCT’s founder is no longer an active member of the organization, and we cannot continue to push for his vision. During our time on the board, we have determined that PCT’s model is not sustainable within the DFW theatre arts community. Therefore, we have decided to form a new non-profit organization with a broader reach to include youth and adults across Prosper and surrounding cities. We hope you will come along with us on this new adventure!